Types Of Bags

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Bags are the most commonly used substance in the world, they can be found everywhere. Bags are used in every corner of the world; they do not hold much cost. We always get in the need of a bag in every aspect. When we need to carry more than one thing we use bags for that, moreover they are also used for giving gifts and when we buy something from a shop, they also maintain the courtesy by giving the item in the bag so that it becomes easy for us to carry. Bags also have types that are used for different purposes, some of them are:

Hemp Bags:

Hemp is the fibre collected from the cannabis plant; they are used for manufacturing fabrics. Hemp is usually found from the Himalayan region of Nepal. Hemp bags are made of that fibre which is extracted from cannabis plants. They are strong and difficult to tear because of its pure fibre material.

Foldable tote bags:

Foldable tote bags are very beneficial; they are most commonly used for shopping and treks. They are very easy to carry and they are light weighted. Foldable tote bags can be folded effortlessly when you are not using it, you may fold the bag and put it in your pocket, it turns into a small pouch when you fold it.

Corn starch bags:

Corn starch bags are made of plant-based material, corn starch is a carbohydrate extracted from corn. They are made of bioplastics which make them friendly with the environment, while plastic bags are very harmful to our environment because they are difficult to break down. Corn starch bags are most commonly used bags and they are very cheap.

Printed bags:

Printed bags are often used by females; they have an image or text printed on them. Printed bags are also used to send gifts; they come in a wide variety. Whether you want a small or a big one, printed bags come in all the sizes. Printed bags can be made up of plastic as well as clothing material. These bags are designed according to the purpose.


Duffle bags:

Duffle bags are used for storing a large number of belongings; they are often used for going on a trek or a picnic, they are also used for travelling because of the large space in it.

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