Tips On Making Your Bathroom The Monarch Of Your Living Space

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The bathroom is the unspoken, undisputed centerpiece of a house hold. No matter how clean your living rooms and bedrooms are, if the bathroom isn’t very appealing, people tend to judge the whole house hold based on their lavatory experience. The bathroom doesn’t really make a huge conversational piece but it’s an undermined judgmental factor. For some house owners it an art. Statistics have proven that a good bathroom can increase the value of the total property. An average person start and ends the day in this important confined space and an average human spends around 1.5 years throughout their life span, in a bathroom. So it’s important to keep this place well maintained as possible. Here are some tips on how to keep the bathroom up top and in the center of undermined conversations.

Keep the floor spotless

The first thing you see when you walk in to a bathroom is the floor. So it’s important to keep the floor clean and spotless to avoid any bad first impressions. The most common bathroom floors are finished with floor tiles. People who aren’t reluctant to uphold the aesthetic beauty of their lavatory go for more exotic materials like wood, granite, titanium cement, vinyl as well as natural stone. All of which comes with a high initial cost and a high maintenance cost. Options like carpets and hardwood are bad options considering their durability and cost factors.

Make the walls shine bright

Walls can make a lot of things happen inside this confide space. Apart from the obvious factor, cleanliness, factors like the color pallet and visual effects can actually make bathroom look bigger. Bathroom tiles nowadays include wall tiles and latest marble tiles which are widely used today. The use of wallpapers and wood is also common. Using bright colors such as white can actually make the room look bigger and spacious. Wall decorations can be done according to personal tastes and preferences. You can either go with a minimalist theme or an exotic, flamboyant theme.

Bath ware and equipment

Always go big with the glass. It’s a worthwhile investment to double the visual size considering the fact that big mirrors are really expensive. Apart from the standard bathroom gear, replacing shower curtains with glass panels can also visual double the size of the bathroom. Leaving cavities on walls in the shape of shelves can save space. Visually cluster phobic spaces aren’t appealing to a human mind so the lesser the better, keep it simple. Lighting should be kept bright and fittings should be fitted in different spaces revealing the visual spaciousness off the bathroom.

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