What Do You Need To Know About Bahco Tools

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If you are looking for the top name in the industry of the hand tools, then bahco is what will you hear the first. This company is a renowned company which is based in Sweden. This is a very old company which has now expanded itself to the Europe. If we go back in history then in the era around 1800 this company made its start and brought a revolution in the industry of the hand tools. The initial bahco tools were the pipe wrench and then the modern version of the wrench which was adjustable. The introduction of these products in that time captured all the market for the bahco. Over the years, the company expanded and added more and more products to their bahco tools list. The estimate tells that in this day the bahco has a wide variety of the tools and the total count of bahco tools is around 7000. All of these tools belong to the category of hand tools. The tools included several cutting tools such as metal saw, wrenches, and spanners screwdrivers as well as several other electronic, woodworking, pruning and forestry tools.

The logo of this company is the fish and the hook which has a history, around the time of 1866 the company was declared bankrupt, after which it struggled its way up and tried different kind of new innovation in several tools. At that time it manufactured the fish hook which gained popularity instantly. The company understood the exact demand of how a fish hook must be made. The manufacturer understood the importance of the strength of the fish hook and kept in mind that where it must be strong and must be hard but it must never be brittle. These ideas helped them make one of the best fish hooks and after their success in this product they introduced their logo which was then approved by the national board of the Sweden. After that several industrial tools were added to the company manufacturing product range but the logo was never changed. Even today all the bahco tools are manufactured and sold under this logo.

One of the most innovative product of the bahco socket set was the dielectric screw driver which was designed on the principles of the ergonomic. Not only then this screwdriver was manufactured many other bahco tools such as adjustable wrench, slip joints were also developed based on the same principles of ergonomics. 

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