Frameless Glass Fencing Supplies

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Frameless glass fencing supplies are the best option for any garden. Also, the frameless glass fence is modern and elegant, which gives the garden an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Since the idea was invented, the technology involved in the supply of frameless GF has existed, and there are now several options for mounting frameless fences in all types of applications.


Frameless glass fencing supplies Melbourne are generally offered in three ways with several advantages and disadvantages at a fixed price. Keep reading to determine what is best for your garden!

The first method is to fix the plug. It is also the most popular way. When a glass is mounted in this way, only the highest quality spikes made of high-quality stainless steel are used, and you can choose from a variety of finishes and styles. Examples of fencing supplies in this style include round-shaped “bullet” clamps or mirror stainless steel. The standard glass used for this type of frameless fence is 12 mm thick, specially hardened to withstand all wear and no doubt. All edges have a precision finish and the glass itself meets the strictest frameless glass fencing standards.


The second most popular frameless glass fencing supplies is an installation method, mounted with buttons or pegs. This style is widely used not only for the optimization of available space but also for rail applications where there are always aesthetic and architectural reasons. Frameless glass fence feeders installed in this way provide a robust frameless GF of very high quality. Before fixing with 50 mm diameter stainless steel pins screwed through the prefabricated holes in the frameless glass panels, the glass is 5 to 10 inches deeper than the floor. One of the best qualities of these pins is that they can be fixed in a variety of materials and have a mirror or satin finish. The glass in this fencing supply is always 12 mm tempered with polished edges.  

Finally, glass fencing supplies without grooves or channel frames are gaining popularity every year. This style seems that the glass grows naturally as if it came directly from the ground. If the supply of the frameless glass fence is in contact with the pool or the device, it may be necessary to prepare it during construction, since the groove must be left in the form of concrete before placing the concrete. An alternative is to fix a strong channel from which frameless glass fences can be fed so that the glass can be grouped in the right place. The glass used to supply this frameless glass fence is 12 mm, clean and hard, with all polished edges.

Each standard method of fixing frameless consumables allows the fence gate to be mounted to comply with local laws and fence safety standards. We offer a wide range of doors and accessories, from magnetic closures and glass hinges to new Magna hinges.

Due to changes in Australian law on awesome colorbond fencing standards, the use of fence railings has changed slightly. By law, the connection rail must be placed on the glass for safety. Therefore, we can supply several handrails that improve the aesthetic appeal of frameless glass fences and provide a safe environment.

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